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Q. How come you were playing on the Ace Sounds album?

  Chris says "Well..."

Chris, Kazzi and Ace

After attending a few Sack Trick gigs and chatting amiably afterwards over a beer  Ace from Skunk Anansie sealed his "nicest guy in rock" title by inviting me to be amongst the exclusive guestlist playing on his solo album. In fact Ace had met so many of his guests in bars around the world he was at one point thinking of calling the album "View from the Bar".

I was certainly in good company here with Lemmy from Motörhead, JJ Burnell from the Stranglers, Saffron from Republica and various members of Therapy?, Skindred, One Minute Silence, A and Morcheeba all appearing on the album.

Chris recording bass parts at Super Sticky Studios

The bass recording took place at Ace's home studio, Super Sticky Studios. The relaxed groove over Mark Rich's excellent drumming was helped along with the waft of smells from Ace's wife, Kazzi, cooking up Japanese food next door.

In all, I played on three of the finished songs on the album: "Jet from California" (featuring Jason Perry from A), the single "No Fear of Falling" (featuring the very talented Shingai Shoniwa) and "Prisoner" (featuring Skye from Morcheeba). The final album, "Ace Sounds- Still Hungry" is a mix of styles from all the musicians involved from Full Metal Riffing to chilled hip-hop beats.

Ace also later kindly returned the favour by appearing on a Sack Trick album "Sheep in Kiss Make-up"

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