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Q. Weren't you in AntiProduct?

  Chris says-

 "No, but yes, but sort of..."

AntiProduct with Chris Dale

After Sack Trick had supported Clam Abuse on a short UK tour, Alex Kane (one half of Clam Abuse, along with ex-Wildheart Ginger) kindly asked me and Robin Guy to play bass and drums respectively on his new project. He had some really cool tunes and also kept me enthralled with tales of the times he met Gene Simmons and RATT, we had to say yes.

Chris confused by the 'Big News' riff during recording

Alex is also a great guitarist with a hard-working attitude, so we went straight into rehearsals as a three piece, then into Blackwing Studios in South London to lay down tracks. Once in the studio we worked hard, played hard and laughed hard. The resulting recordings became first AntiProduct album,  "Consume and Die...the rest is all fun" and I'm proud to say the results speak for themselves.

Chris with AntiProduct Live at Eindhoven Dynamo Club

Unfortunately, me and Robin being such busy people couldn't commit to regular touring to follow the album, so a new band was formed and has since toured the world and recorded another album "Made in the USA". So far I've only performed live with the band once in Eindhoven, Holland in 2001...but oh, did I enjoy it...

Alex Kane has also since kindly returned the favour by appearing on two Sack Trick albums, "Penguins on the Moon" and "Sheep in Kiss Make-up"

For more information see www.antiproduct.com