Radio DJ

Q. Weren't you the bloke in that dodgy band, the Atom Seed?

  Chris says "Yup!"

The Atom Seed

In 1989 my first professional gig arrived in the unlikely shape of the Atom Seed (with Paul Cunningham- vocals, Simon James- guitar, Amir and later Jerry Hawkins- drums). 

Although being described as "Slam diving, crotch grinding, they’re fucking brilliant"  Metal Hammer; or depending on your view "sound-alike brain drainers, excellent musicians wasting their time on pre-school mentality songs" Factor X,, we were signed after only three gigs to the soon-to-go-bankrupt label FM/Revolver.  

The Atom Seed Live at Buckley Tivoli

Our first EP ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ was described by Metal Hammer as a "truly mind blowing debut" but by Melody Maker as "trying to give the impression that you can take acid and make great metal. Apparently they ‘have the keys to the doghouse’ Makes you feel sorry for the dogs, leave them alone you filthy hippies"  yet with constant touring supporting the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Wolfsbane, Napalm Death, Pop Will Eat Itself and the Electric Boys we somehow picked up a healthy UK following.

Chris live with Atom Seed at Nottingham Rock City

Our follow up album ‘Get in Line’ got unexpectedly good reviews- "This is the soundtrack for urban British Rock music in the 1990’s" Metal Hammer"Utterly superb...Dale is an avalanche of awesome funk metal" Kerrang! , and even "the Seed simply explode in a welter of Chris Dale’s coruscating veloci-funk bass." Sounds. (to save everyone’s time I looked up "coruscating" in a dictionary, but was still none the wiser). The band continued touring constantly now as headliners in the UK, and in Europe as support to Bay Areas Thrashers Mordred. All was well, so far. 

Atom Seed live at Metropolis Festival Rotterdam

When the clueless British Music Industry saw the press reviews and energetic live shows they mistook our band for a promising one and without hearing any demos or new songs an A&R frenzy occurred in which, the label with the most money and least sense was sure to win. The unlucky winner of this absurd competition was London Records.

Atom Seed with new drummer, Jerry Hawkins looking pleased

From here on we were doomed, but well off and doomed at least.  Amongst London Records many stupid-but-true suggestions to us were- "Why not use Lisa Stansfield’s remixer?", "You shouldn’t go on a US tour with LA Guns, it wouldn’t do you any good", "Could the singer shave his chest?", "You shouldn’t do any gigs for quite a while" and finally "We should delay the release of your second album until Britain’s in a stronger position economically" - hence it remains unreleased to this day awaiting an upsurge in interest rates. In the meantime we released a last EP ‘Dead Happy’ ("vicious and rubbery" said Kerrang, "dyspeptic, more like" said Melody Maker), then spent our ill-gotten money, argued aimlessly with ourselves and anyone else who’d listen, and finally split up with an unreleased album in the can.

See the Atom Seed website for more including unreleased MP3s