Radio DJ

Q. Did you play bass with some bloke out of Spandau Ballet?

  Chris says-

 "Yes...but it's all in the name of Rock!"


Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 2004 - from Left to Right
Tony Hadley, Chris Dale, Richard Drummie and Richie Barrett

"It all started out so innocently...I thought I'd go and help out my mates Metal Jay and Rich Baker on the Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) and Pete Cox (Go West) Tour round England for a laugh. One day I'm having beers and fun with the hilarious crew, next day I'm guesting on bass at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall playing "Highway to Hell" and some Robert Palmer song with the band. Who would have thought Spandau Ballet and Go West were AC/DC fans? Why was John Keeble (former Spandau drummer) wearing a Motörhead T-shirt? And what was I actually doing there anyway? More to the point what was Mikey from Sikth doing at the Watford gig? I didn't know who was metal and who was not anymore.

John Keeble, Chris Dale and Richie Barrett- I Play Rock

I ended up jamming with them quite a bit in soundchecks and the occasional gig, sometimes doing pop stuff like ABC's "When Smokey Sings" with Martin Fry, but more often than not just me and John Keeble and Richie Barrett doing some good old metal like "No More Tears", "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love" or Zep's "The Ocean". After a while it occurred to the three of us to form a band and record an album of pure ROCK. The result is "I Play Rock-The Album".

I Play Rock Live

"The Album" was fun, easy and (most importantly) fun endeavour, so we did a few live gigs to follow it up. Funnily enough they were very ROCK too. Expect more from this band and see www.iplayrock.biz for more info.