Radio DJ

Q. Didn't you used to be in a funny band called Machine?

  Chris says-

"Yes, but it wasn't supposed to be that funny"


Machine Line-up 1993

"What do you get if you cross an Italian, a Czech, a Welshman, and two Americans together?" was the joke.

The answer, as we found out was a hip-hop, rock crossover band with a rather confused identity. The outfit was formed in 1993 by New Jersey singer/producer, Machine with his friend and percussionist, Vision. Their sights were set on World Domination. Once relocated to London they quickly recruited a band which turned out to be me, along with Czech born guitarist Fil Eisler and Italian drummer Alex ‘Sponder’ Elena.

Chris and Machine Live

After a couple of UK tours, a few demos, a short  and highly embarrassing TV clip on ‘Noisy Mothers’, but very little sign of World Domination, the mismatched quintet went our separate ways. Machine went on to produce and remix bands such as Pitchshifter and White Zombie, Vision defected to the industry side and has managed bands such as Serafin and Muse, but also plays the role of ‘The Delicatessen’ in Sack Trick. Fil Eisler joined the Robbie Williams band while Sponder and I went off to play some Metal with Bruce Dickinson...