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Q. Aren't you the guy out of that silly band Sack Trick?

Chris Says "Yes!"


Sack Trick

Despite, or perhaps fuelled by, the fact that I'd been in some pretty silly bands before I decided to form the ultimate in silly bands. In fact the silliest band in the World, no less. We would be so silly that we would sing ballads about Camels and Heavy Metal songs about ice cream. We would change our line-up every gig. We would drink Belgian beer, wear hats and play lots of Kiss covers. We would be Sack Trick.  

Sack Trick Live at the Garage, London

Sack Trick's line-up is really just a bunch of friends who love to play music and laugh together. Sack Trickís line-up often includes Alex Dickson, Reuben Gotto, Ben Calvert, Robin Guy, Dave Cheeseman, Jef Streatfield, Doogie White, Pete Friesen, Joe Inferno, Jem Davis, Chris Nubile and pretty much anyone else passing by. One afternoon a parrot joined the band too.

Chris and Alex Dickson Live with Sack Trick

So far we've made three Sack Trick albums, "Music from the Mystery Rabbits" ("too much spare time on their hands" Metal Hammer), "Penguins on the Moon" ("obviously this is a work of genius" Kerrang) and "Sheep in Kiss Make-up" ("the greatest covers album of all time" Classic Rock Magazine). Each album follows the predecessor in making slightly less sense than the one before. 

Chris with Sack Trick live at the Roskilde Festival, Denmark

At first we didn't really plan to play any gigs, but then a few came our way and they seemed like fun so we did loads more. We've done headline UK and Scandinavian tours, supported the likes of Bruce Dickinson and the Damned and  we even somehow got to play the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. It's often different line-ups playing live too and the different inputs only serve to enrich (or distort) the sound.

Chris with Benny and Robin, the Twin Drum Attack!

Despite the fact that we've been so silly by avoiding contact with the music industry in general, things have been going from strength to strength. We've even designed our own card game called "Shape Card Championships", which probably wouldn't have happened if we'd signed to a major record label.

Sack Trick live at the Underworld, London

Kerrang came to see us play once and said "unfortunately itís all marred by too much slap-bass nonsense from the boy-Dale" which I mistook as an encouraging compliment. So there'll be plenty more Sack Trickery to come in the future...  

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