Radio DJ

Q. Didn't I hear that you're playing bass for Tank?

  Chris says-

"Yes, that's right. And yes, it is THE Tank!"


Tank Live in Italy 2009

This was an interesting one. The legendary British Metal band Tank were having some problems. Their original bassist and singer, Algy Ward was unable to do some touring so they called me and Doogie White up to do some shows in Europe. I'd known the Tank chaps for years, always been good fun and I'd known Doogie even longer and always wanted a chance to be in a band together. So it seemed a great idea for some metal fun. We went out and played a handful of European Metal Festivals.

Tank Live in Sweden 2009

Then two very funny things happened. Firstly, the reaction of Tank fans to the live shows was amazing. I'd really under-estimated the whole thing. They went crazy to see Tank back in action, I was blown away.

Secondly, we'd written a couple of new tunes to put into the the set and they were really good songs. So Doogie and the guys wrote a few more. They were even better. We demoed them up and you know what, I think we might have an absolutely awesome album on the way. See www.TankOfficial.Com to stay updated on this story...