Radio DJ

Q. What were you doing in Brazil with Renato Tribuzy?

  Chris says-

"Recording a Heavy Metal album and doing some Heavy Metal Gigs, of course..."


Renato and Chris at Rio de Janeiro Airport

I was nicely asked to fly out to Rio de Janeiro to record bass for Renato Tribuzy (former singer with Brazilian metal band Thoten) on his new solo album. Never one to turn down a good holiday or a bit of metal, I hopped on the first plane.

Renato and Chris in the studio

The album entitled "Execution" is a full-on metal experience with a flavour of Brazilian rhythms thrown in to complement Renato's Halford-esque vocal range. Also appearing on the album are Bruce Dickinson, various members of Helloween, Tribe of Gypsies, Primal Fear and fellow Brazilian metallers Angra.

Nando and Chris on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro

While in Brazil, I took the chance to hook up with Nando, the creator of the Sack Trick Chat Forum, for a spot of pizza and sightseeing. The pizza was OK but the sightseeing was better. The view from Sugar Loaf Mountain was awesome and visiting the Maracana Stadium (where Kiss played one of their last gigs in make-up back in 1983) almost brought a tear to the eye.

Tribuzy and Guests (from left to right)-
Roland Grapow, Roy Z, Renato Tribuzy, Bruce Dickinson,
Ralph Scheepers, Mat Siner, Chris Dale

Then a couple of years later, just when I thought it was all over Renato called me up again. The album had been selling really well, especially in Brazil, so he ws wanting to do a gig or two with all the guests involved. It sounded like a great but crazy idea. All these musicians have their own bands touring and recording schedules, but somehow Renato did it. In November 2005 we all met up in São Paulo for some gigs to be recorded for DVD release. There was Renato, Bruce, Roland Grapow from Helloween, Roy Z, Ralph and Mat from Primal Fear, Andreas Kisser from Sepultura, Kiko Lauriero from Angra, Renato's new band  and me getting ready to rock together!

Me, Andreas Kisser, Bruce and Roy Z  onstage in São Paulo

The gigs of course went really well. Brazilian crowds are best in the world and they went crazy for this. During the gig Renato and his band would play songs from the album with different guests getting up and doing their parts from the album, then at the end Bruce, Roy Z and me would get up and play a few Iron Maiden numbers and some of Bruce's solo songs. The gigs were so much fun we also ended up jamming covers at the end of some of them like Highway to Hell and Tush with Bruce drumming. Hilarious metal fun!

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