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Q. Who are your bass playing heroes?

  Chris says-

    "Well, there's..."

Gene Simmons *
When it comes to fire-breathing, armour-plated, flying bassists Gene Simmons has always been the clear leader in the field.
Rudy Sarzo
Upside down, behind his head, was there anyway Rudy couldn't play bass? He also had a cool knack of joining bands just after they'd recorded a hit album...Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake...
Billy Sheehan
The ultra-fast bassist with David Lee Roth, Talas and Mr Big. Billy inspired me to waste several years of my life sat in a small room playing pointlessly fast by myself.
Steve Harris
Iron Maiden's very own King of the high speed triplet gallop, Steve also "gunned" the audience as seen here which was pretty cool.


Bob Daisley
Fact 1- Bob's bass work on the Ozzy album 'Diary of  Madman' is simply the best rock bass playing ever.
Fact 2- You don't get to play for Ozzy, Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore and Yngwie by being average.
Juan Croucier
Notice most of the bass players on this page are wearing some form of sweat band? Now notice who's wearing the most sweat bands and perhaps you'll begin to understand why Ratt's bassist was quite so cool onstage.


Jeff Pilson
Not only was he the rock solid bassist and backing vocalist with Dokken in their prime, but Jeff Pilson threw plectrums under his leg while playing. How Cool is that?
John Alderette
Anyone who keeps up with Paul Gilbert in Racer X has my full respect. And the respect flows on into the new century when you see his recent "Extinguisher" costume...see Racer X
Chuck Wright
He's played with everyone from Quiet Riot to Doro, House of Lords to Impelliteri and look at him slamming his bass, how can that not be cool?
Mark "The Animal" Mendoza
Wow! Now look at Twisted Sister's Bass Animal really slam his bass. These guys were great!
Randy Coven **
This guy has made some amazingly indulgent bass solo albums, loads of tapping, slapping and even whammy bars! They don't make 'em like him any more. Look at how many frets he's got!
Eddie Jackson
Possibly the most tight, consistent, locked-in bass playing in recorded history is that on Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime album. Eddie's band mates call him by the nickname "Ed-Bass" because...no I'll let you figure that one out.

But what do Chris' Bass Heroes think about him?

* Here's what Gene Simmons had to say to Chris - "Get a life!"
** And here's what Randy Coven had to say to Chris - "I love that 'I Play Bass' song, it's really funny and of course some great playing, I'm playing it for all my friends...keep up the good work. You guys are great!"