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Q. Where do you stand on the old Thylacine debate?

Chris says-

"Which Thylacine debate do you mean?"


A Thylacine in captivity in the early 20th Century

A Thylacine mother and pups in captivity

If you mean the debate about whether the species should be revived through cloning...

I think it would certainly be a good idea so long as we can get DNA samples from enough different Thylacines to ensure the diversity of the species. But perhaps a better way to spend the money would be to conduct a full search with night vision cameras and then preserve its territory from the loggers who seem intent on ruining Tasmania.

If you mean are there any Thylacines left in the wild...

I think there probably are a few left out there judging from the constant flow of sightings, but the fact that none have been clearly photographed or found dead means the population must be very small and seems not to have recovered from their 1930's low. If there are any left then they are certainly still in great danger of complete extinction and should probably be left well alone and their habitat protected.

If you're just wondering what on earth I'm on about...

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