Chris Paulo Dale's
Tribuzy 2005 Brazilian Tour Photo Gallery

The Cast of the Tribuzy Brazilian Tour 2005

Top Row L-R Paulo Baron (promoter), Roland Grapow (gtr), Ralf Scheepers (vox), Chris Dale (bass),
Renato Tribuzy (vox), Frank Schieber (gtr), Flavio
Pascarillo (drums), Roy Z (gtr), Gustavo Silvera (gtr),
Kiko Louriero (gtr) and André Dellamanha (Stage Manager)

Bottom Row L-R Mat Sinner (bass and vox), Bruce Dickinson (vox), Adreas Kisser (gter), Ivan Guilhon (Bass)


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São Paulo

Poster for the shows

Tribuzy and Guests


Jamming backstage

Brazilian Audiences

Renato Tribuzy

Bruce Dickinson

Chris Paulo Dale

Ralf Scheepers

Gustavo Silvera

Roland Grapow & Roy Z

Tribuzy band

Chris and Bruce

Guest singers

Guest guitarists

Guest singers 2

Chris and Roy

Guest musicians

Flavio, Frank and Chris

Renato and Chris

Nando, Chris and Ivan

Tribuzy Tourbus

Chris, Renato & Roland

Photographs by Annamaria DiSanto, Alexandre Salles, Chris Paulo Dale and others.

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