As a heavy metal bass player, I've played for artists such as Bruce Dickinson, Eric Martin and Ricky Gervais as well as bands such as Sack Trick, Tank, Atom Seed, Monument and many more. I also work as a guitar and bass technician for artists such as Go West, Mr Big, Tony Hadley, Glenn Hughes, Therapy?, Kim Wilde and Armored Saint.

As a writer on the subject of  my experience of the music industry and related topics, I've written for MetalTalk, For Bass Players Only and the award winning documentary Scream For Me Sarajevo. More recently I published on Amazon, 'Inside the Skunkworks Machine', the full story of Bruce Dickinson's most ,mysterious musical project.

As a military historian, I specialise in  the study of the armed forces of the German colonies in Africa and Asia prior to the First World War. I have been published in English and German on the topic online and in print for Osprey Men at Arms and Zeitschrift für Heereskunde.  More recently I published on Amazon two books on the Traditions of the Imperial German Infantry and Cavalry Regiments.


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