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I've noticed while trawling around YouTube looking for old Kiss videos that there's a fair number of video clips with me on them. Admittedly I posted some of them up there, but other people have done their own too. How funny!


Here's some clips of me with Sack Trick...

Sack Trick - Penguins on the Moon (Live in Roxford)
The double drummer, double guitarist team kicking ass (as they say).

Sack Trick - A Lesson From History (Promotional Video)
What an odd looking bunch.

Sack Trick - Hiring Camels (Live in London)
They don't look well to me.

Sack Trick - Burt's Tale (Promotional Video)
I'd be surprised if they all got home OK.

Sack Trick - Alcoholic Bulimia (Live at the King's Head)
Live at our favourite old watering hole, with Bobby the Bus Driver on lead vocals.

Sack Trick - The Oath (Live in the Studio)
Recording Bass parts for the Elder on the Sheep In Kiss Make Up album.

Sack Trick - All I Want Is Fish (Recording Session Footage) 
Me trying to play a guitar solo, you'll be pleased to hear I gave up in the end.

Here's some clips of me playing bass with Bruce Dickinson...

Bruce Dickinson - Tears of the Dragon (Top of the Pops 1994)
This was the first time me and Alex Elena appeared onstage with Bruce. We're just miming along but it was a privilege to appear on the legendary BBC program. Alex Dickson of course has probably appeared on the program more then any other person I know.

Bruce Dickinson - Shoot All the Clowns (Live in Helsinki 1994)
A good audience shot of a club in Finland where I'm playing some silly bass nonsense over one of Bruce's tunes on the Balls to Picasso World Tour. There's a few more songs from this gig on YouTube uploaded by the same people.

Bruce Dickinson - Gods of War (Live in Buenos Aires 1995)
A clip of us playing a track off the Balls to Picasso album on a hot night in Argentina. There's a few more songs from this gig on YouTube uploaded by the same people.

Bruce Dickinson - Back From The Edge (Promotional Video 1995)
This was quite fun promotional video we filmed in South London. Bruce was directing and doing most of the hard work (like staying underwater while singing). The other three of us spent most of the day drinking Fransikaner Weissbier then stumbling around an empty swimming pool as I recall.

Bruce Dickinson - Dreamstate  (Live at Pamplona 1996)
Here's us playing a moody track off the Skunkworks album. The footage is from the "Skunkworks Live" section of the highly recommended "Bruce Dickinson- Anthology" DVD.

Bruce Dickinson - Back From The Edge (Live in Helsinki 2002)
A clip of us playing the Skunkworks tune on a sweltering hot day in Finland.

Bruce Dickinson - Silver Wings (Live at Sweden Rocks Festival 2002)
First song of the first gig on the 2002 tour...  There's a couple more songs from this gig on YouTube uploaded by the same guy.

Bruce Dickinson - Powerslave (Live at Wacken Festival 2002)
A short clip of the Maiden classic played to several thousand German metal heads with us behaving like extras from Wayne's World.

Bruce Dickinson - Flight of Icarus (Live in Athens 2002)
This was the only time I played one of my favourite Maiden songs with Bruce, but if you're going to play it anywhere it has to be in Athens.  There's a few more songs from this gig on YouTube uploaded by the same guy.

Bruce Dickinson - Tears of the Dragon (Live in Sao Paulo 2005)
Tribuzy's excellent band backing up Bruce, Roy Z and me. From the highly recommended "Tribuzy - Execution Live Re-Union" DVD.

Here's some clips of me playing bass with other bands and projects...

Tank - Honour and Blood (Live at the Revenge of True Metal Festival 2009)
The new Tank line- up with me and Doogie White performing a Tank classic.

Atom Seed - Rebel (Live at the Borderline 1990)
With a funny interview from a Hard n Heavy video.

Atom Seed - What (Live at the Marquee London 1991)
A complete noise.

I Play Rock - Duece (Live at Butlins Holiday Camp)
Kiss classic time with John Keeble and Richie B.

Twin Talk Trick - Living on a Prayer (Live in a bar in Yorkshire)
Jamming with some mates (Dave Cheeseman, Karl Middleton, James Jirgens and Christian Smooth) one New Years Eve. Luckily I managed to stay out of camera shot for most of this one.

Tribuzy and Bruce Dickinson- Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter (Live in Belo Horizonte)
I'm in the background somewhere trying to play the bass surrounded by too many daughters. No slaughtering actually occurred.

Adam Bomb - Detroit Rock City (Live in Nottingham Rock City)
A short clip of me and Robin Guy jamming with the former Kiss auditionee, and self confessed friend of the stars, Adam Bomb.

Chris Paulo Dale - Bass Solo  (Live in the Studio)
I bet nobody clicks on this one.

Balance of Power - Against the Odds (Promotional Video)
This was us trying to appear all eighties LA scene like Whitesnake or someone. In true Whitesnake-Sarzo style I joined the band after they'd recorded bass on this song but happily mimed along all the same (I think the guitarist, Paul actually played the bass on the recording). Unfortunately we couldn't afford to shoot the video in LA so we did it in the next best place, Blackpool.

Atom Seed - Rebel (Promotional Video)
We also did videos for "Get In Line" and "Dead Happy", has anyone got them on YouTube yet?

Here's some clips with me invisibly playing bass in the background...

Ricky Gervais - When the Whistle Blows (Extracts from the BBC series "Extras")
Yup, that's me playing bass at the beginning and Lisa Tarbuck singing. Now that's a super group!

Ricky Gervias - Freelove Freeway (Promotional Video)
Notice the way he remembers the names of everybody else who played on it except me. It's like I'm special in some kind of inverse way.

Dunkin Donuts Advert - Best Day of Your Life (US Television Advert)
Featuring a track from the AntiProduct album "Consume and Die". Nobody told me we were making doughnut adverts I thought we were making a heavy metal album...

AntiProduct - Bungee Jumping People (Promotional Video)
That's Toshi, their live bass player in the video with my bass on the audio. Isn't this just one of the best songs ever? I'm honoured to have had the chance to play on it.

Sack Trick - Belgium (Promo Video)
With Promo Videos this good it's a shame we don't release singles. We'd show Britney a thing or two about it's supposed to be done.

Tribuzy - Execution (Home Made Video)
This guy is brilliant! He's filmed himself at home singing along to one of the Tribuzy tracks I recorded bass on. He's got the facial expressions of a man in real pain. That's what this track needs- this guy understands true meaning of the metal behind this song!

Here's some home videos that people have made to go along with songs I've played on...

Atom Seed - Castles in the Sky (Home Made Video)
We never made a video for this song, but someone's nicely gone and made one for us. This same guy's done a few Atom Seed and Sack Trick videos, check out his profile.

Sack Trick - Eggs (Home Made Video)
Alex Dickson made this great video for a ballad I wrote.

Bruce Dickinson - Inertia (Home Made Video)
We did make an official video for this song, but I prefer this home made one. It's got less spiders in it. You can probably find the official version by searching YouTube... oh here it is...

Bruce Dickinson - Inertia (Promotional Video)
Now have a good laugh at me falling over while playing...

Ace Sounds - No Fear of Falling (Home Made Video)
The video could have been better but the song is amazing I think, another one I was honoured to play on. That's Shingai Shonina singing, Ace from Skunk Anansie on guitar, Mark Richardson (Skunk Anansie and Feeder) on drums and Kim and Martin McCarrick (Therapy?) on strings

Here's odd clips of me fooling around in other people's videos...

Pillow Talk - Muddin' Thuddin' Bike (Promotional Video)
I did most of the camera work for this promo video, but also made a cameo appearance. Actually what happened was that Sack Trick made a video for Pillow Talk's hit single 'cos they were too busy playing fantasy football to do one themselves.

Smashing Pumpkins- Ava Adore  (Promotional Video)
I'm the guy crouching on the floor in a top hat and red jacket at about 1m03s. Don't ask what I was up to, I'm not sure myself. For an extra bonus point see if you can spot Robin Guy in there...

Devil's Slingshot Tour (Photo Slideshow)
Keep flicking the pause button and you might catch a few glimpses of me on the Billy Sheehan / Tony MacAlpine / Virgil Donatti European tour 2007.

Mr Big - Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (Live in London 2009)
My part's pretty small in this one. You can just see my hand taking Billy's drill for him at the end of the solo at about "1.26".

Tony Hadley - Gold (Live in Manilla, Philippines 2008)
I'm not actually in this video but I'm still very proud of it. Believe it or not, I was the guy who pressed the button for the pyros on the intro of this one. A real Kiss fantasy come true (no pun intended).

Here's some clips of other people playing my bass lines. I feel honoured to think that these guys would spend the time listening that closely to things I've recorded...

Bruce Dickinson - Back From the Edge (Home Video)
Some slick playing from
"Elmejor de texas" from Argentina.

Sack Trick - Penguins on the Moon (Home Video)
Bravo, Nando, there's a lot going on in this song, but you seem to have got it all mastered.

Sack Trick - I Play Bass (Home Video)
Well done to Fish-in-a-spaceship for playing this tricky tune.

Bruce Dickinson - Intertia (Live in Concert)
The Bruce tribute band "Accident of Bruce" doing a medley of Bruce's tunes very well.

Archie Dale - Bass Solo (Home Video)
My little boy having his first bass lesson from me- and outshining me!

Sack Trick - Perfect Today (Home Video)
But this guy really needs to do some practising.

... and one last video before bedtime...

Bruce Dickinson - The Prisoner (Live at Pamplona 1996)
Here's us butchering the Maiden classic at high speed.

Sorry if some of the links don't always work but it seems YouTube removes films at random sometimes.