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Ask Chris...

Here are some questions that Chris Paulo Dale frequently gets asked.


Sack Trick- See Question 1

Didn't I hear that you're playing bass for Tank?

Aren't you the guy out of that silly band Sack Trick?

Where Can I buy Sack Trick albums?

Did you used to play for Bruce Dickinson, that bloke out of Iron Maiden?

What's he really like, then?

Where in Wales are you from?

Didn't you used to play in some rubbish school band in Wales?

Weren't you in that dodgy band, the Atom Seed?

Which is your favourite Dr Who Monster?

How come you were playing on the Ace Sounds album?

Weren't you in AntiProduct?

Are you obsessed with Penguins?

Didn't you used to be in a funny band called Machine?

Do you give bass lessons?

Is it true what I read in the paper about you walking around with a bottle up your arse?

What were you doing in Brazil with Renato Tribuzy?

Who are your bass playing heroes?

Did you play on that awful Seven Days single?

Have you ever seen Kiss play live?

Where can I read loads of bass players' interviews?

What's that about you being in Smashing Pumkins?

Didn't you play on some Balance of Power albums?

Why have you got Paulo as a middle name?

How do I tune in to your Radio show?

Why do you think Kiss are Gods?

Did you play bass for Ricky Gervais?

What do you think it would have been like if Kiss had played the Elder Live?

Do you ever mistake nearby small objects things for large objects in the distance?

Did you play bass with some bloke out of Spandau Ballet?

What bass equipment do you use these days?

Where do you stand on the old Thylacine debate?

Lampeter- See Question 5

Sea Devils- See Question 8

Gene Simmons Live- See Question 18

A Thylacine in London Zoo - See Question 30

If you've got any other questions you'd like to ask Chris, drop him an email at- Chris@sacktrick.com

or check out the FAQ at www.sacktrick.com for more Sack Trick related frequently asked questions.